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Slow Food

Defending local products and the territorial cuisine values are the aims that moved Carlo Petrini to promote the creation of the movement called SlowFood. In Italy Slow Food expanded like an oil-slick gathering a lot of support for Mediterranean cuisine and, in the rest of world, it has expanded step by step, linking other aspects like the recovery of autochthonous products and promoting ecological agriculture.

In Catalonia the Slow Food culture has also been linked to the restaurants that, with the Km0 stamp, have defended the local, quality products and a clear bet on ecological production.

Precisely with this philosophy Fira SantaTeca was created in Tarragona, which is held to coincide with the city’s main festival, Santa Tecla, and where the producers and restaurants from the movement let us taste their products.

Currently, in the city we can find two establishments with the km0 stamp: El Llagut, located in Plaça del Rei, a seafood tavern that offers delicious, local cuisine, Lola Bistró, in Carrer d'En Ventallols, that serves dishes of healthy food made for sharing and El Terrat, in Carrer Pons d'Icart, an open space in which to enjoy avant-garde local cuisine.

SlowFood Tarraco is in the following networks:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SlowFoodTarraco