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The city of History

© Photographies: Rafael López-Monné • Photo montage: Feeling Comunicació
© Rafael López-Monné
© Rafael López-Monné
© Rafael López-Monné
© Rafael López-Monné

Dedicated to Minerva

He hoped Minerva would protect them. That’s why, with a dagger, the Roman centurion Manius Vibio left an inscription written in the stone on the tower relief dedicated to the goddess of wisdom.

Without knowing it, he had just written the oldest Latin inscription in the peninsula. He was an Etruscan and commanded the soldiers who were building the Tarraco walls, which would become the oldest Roman construction in Europe outside the Italian peninsula. Rome had landed in Hispania and was here to stay.

In Tarragona, History emanates from the stones, the books and becomes alive. The city has specialised in historic re-enactment events. Archaeologists, historians, script writers, narrators and extras work hard to spread and share the city’s history and our classical civilisation through events like the TARRACO VIVA festival in May and the sessions dedicated to the Napoleonic War.

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