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How to get here


If you would like to compare and book trains, buses or flights to travel to Tarragona then visit the travel platform ​Omio​.

By air

The Reus airport, located just 7 kilometres outside of Tarragona, handles charter flights and is served by low-cost airline. Reus Transport offers a transportation service by bus to the Reus airport, and MONBUS runs a line from Reus to Tarragona (900 92 91 92).

The Barcelona airport, located just 82 kilometres away from Tarragona, offers all manner of national, international and transatlantic flights and connections daily. It can be reached by taking the AP-7 and C-32 motorways, by train, changing at the Barcelona Sants station, or by bus through the coach company PLANA (977 21 44 75).

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AENA General Information Tel.: 902 40 47 04.

Parking low-cost: Aparca i tren

By car

The city is connected by the AP-7 motorway and N-340 carriageway to Barcelona, Tortosa and Valencia. It is also possible to drive to Lleida, Zaragoza and Madrid, taking the N-240 and picking up the AP-2 motorway at Montblanc. The N-420 carriageway goes to Reus and Teruel. The city is linked to other towns in the province by a comprehensive network of local and regional roads. Before departing, drivers can also obtain traffic reports.

By bus

Tarragona has a modern bus station with buses to most towns in the region. The station is home to companies offering both domestic and international routes. Those running international services include FLIXBUS. Domestic companies include ALSA (902 42 22 42) and HIFE (902 119 814).

At Movelia, you will find over 55.000 possible route combinations from over 70 transport companies. Book your bus tickets through one, quick, secure and simple transaction (902 64 64 28).

By train

Tarragona has two train stations. The first is located in the city centre and offers links to regional trains (to Barcelona, Tortosa, Reus and Lleida), as well as national and internal long-distance trains (to Valencia, Andalucia, Madrid and France). The second, located just 10 minutes from the centre, is the "Camp de Tarragona" High-Speed Train (AVE) Station, which opened its doors on 19 December 2006 and entails a major improvement in Tarragona's connections to the exterior, as well as its connection to Spain's high-performance lines. The new station gives rise to a wide range of rail links to Barcelona, Lleida, Saragossa, Madrid, Cordova, Seville and, soon, all Europe. (RENFE 902 32 03 20).


Iryo stops in Tarragona during the summer season: from June 15 to September 14.

Communication to / from Tarragona is direct by:

Bus: the company PLANA carries out the bus transport service from the “Camp de Tarragona” station to Tarragona bus station.
Tel.: 977 21 44 75

From “Camp de Tarragona” station to Tarragona:


From Tarragona to “Camp de Tarragona” station: see Taxis section.

Parking low-cost: Aparca i tren

By sea

Tarragona is home to one of the busiest commercial and nautical ports in the Mediterranean, which is also a stopover for cruise ships. On the pier called the Moll de Costa you’ll find Port Tarraco, a modern marina with 64 moorings for yachts between 30 and 160 metres in length. Nautic Tarragona SA is at the Port of Tarragona marina and has 441 moorings (6 to 20 m length) and 240 parking spaces.