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Tarragona is home to a wide variety of leisure options: a marina, an underwater park, a golf course, heated pools, theatres, an auditorium and a casino.

The city hosts different plays throughout the year. In autumn, winter and spring, they are put on at Teatre Metropol. In summer, they are performed outdoors at the Camp de Mart auditorium, against the backdrop of the city's ancient Roman walls. The addition of a third theatre, the new Teatre Tarragona, makes the city a top location in the world of performing arts. We now have three theatres between the Rambla and the Camp de Mart auditorium with a total of 3,000 seats from which audiences of all kinds can enjoy wonderful entertainment.

Tarragona also has two cinemas with a total of 23 screens. Of course, the city's nightlife offer does not stop there. The city’s Low District is likewise home to several nightclubs that regularly host concerts ranging from rock to pop or jazz. In contrast, the quieter Old District (Part Alta), home to a handful of classic nightspots, is the perfect place to enjoy art exhibitions, light music, live shows and more.

Tarragona also has 9 different tour operators, offering the full gamut of guided tours. You can take advantage of their offers to learn more about the city’s ancient Roman monuments and to discover fascinating facts and anecdotes about different places and times in the history of Tarragona.

The tourist train is also an option, offering visitors a panoramic tour of the city. Headsets are available offering detailed descriptions of the many sites to be seen on the route in eight different languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Telephone Tarraco Tren: 669 765 199. On-line sale of tourist train tickets and at the Municipal Transport Company.

The leisure offer is rounded out by the PortAventura World theme park, just 10 kilometres away from the city centre, which receives thousands of visitors each day.

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