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Basilica in Parc Central

This funerary basilica, which dates to the first half of the 5th century, consists of three naves and a transept with an apse and a counter-apse orientated towards the east and an atrium in front of it. The building is enclosed on the eastern side by a square apse with two small rooms annexed to it, used as a sacristy and a room for storing items of worship. At the foot of the basilica, an atrium with a central patio holds a gallery giving onto a set of rooms.
Nearly 200 graves have been documented in the area surrounding the basilica and the ambulacrum of the atrium. One epigraph found here is dedicated to the beatified Thecla, a consecrated virgin of Egyptian origin who died at the age of 77. The basilica in Parc Central is the only example of paleochristian basilica architecture found in Tarragona and provides an excellent means for visitors to better understand the liturgical customs and buildings of worship of early Christianity.

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Pàrquing del Centre Comercial Parc Central, Av. Vidal i Barraquer, 15-17
977 228 797
41.116437580800, 1.238396823540