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Paleochristian Museum and Necropolis (MNAT)

© MNAT / G. Jové
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)

Around the Tarraco exit roads towards the south (via Augusta) and the west (via De Italia in Hispanias)an extensive funerary area was developed during the Late-Roman period. Very likely around the remains of Bishop Fructuosus and his deacons Augurius and Eulogius, burnt in the amphitheatre arena in 259 A.D. The construction of a basilica to commemorate the martyrs, at the start of the V century A.D., marks the period of the cemetery’s maximum splendour.
The remains, in situ, of a part of this necropolis and its Visitor Centre bring us closer to the World of death in Roman times.

Opening hours and price of admission to museums and monuments (May 2024)

Av. Ramón y Cajal, 8443005Tarragona
977 25 15 15 / 977 23 62 09
41.116180546200, 1.239278912440
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