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Tarragona 48 hours... with friends

With a coat or sandals, Tarragona is always a good place to visit with friends. Walk through History, taste the gastronomy that fills the senses, not only your stomach, and celebrating friendship is one of the greatest gifts of life. 


The Part Alta, the historic quarter, and the Palmeres and the Rambla, the city that overlooks the sea. Who has not touched iron on the Balcó (balcony), has not been to Tarragona (it is one of the city's traditions: a stroll along the Rambla Nova that ends with touching the iron railing on the spectacular balcony). The city's must-see sights are all close to each other and invite one to take a walk with more or less stops, in more or less depth, in line with our interest and pace. 

In the month of March, the human tower groups Xiquets de Tarragona and Jove Xiquets de Tarragona start their training sessions and allow the public to attend (adults and children practise on Tuesdays and Fridays).

If you want to have dinner without rushing, in the Part Alta there is an unusual concentration of establishments where you can do so. Take a walk and look around. When the weather is good, the interior terraces of establishments are very popular for groups of friends. 

If, when you have finished your meal, you want to stay chatting and having a drink, the atmosphere of the Part Alta is especially propitious with terraces and monumental areas, the good atmosphere of Mvseum and bars such as Pachito and Tòtem Cafè

© Segway Tarragona
© Degvsta


Tarragona is a voluptuously Mediterranean city that cultivates the pleasures of life and, for many people, having a hot breakfast on a Saturday is like going to Mass. The city has true sanctuaries to enjoy 'ranxo' (communal meal) and conversation - El CortijoPetit TarracoRacó de’n Mario and la Cuineta-, that pursue a strong immersion in the most hedonistic side of Tarragona. 

If you are not in for big meals, you can also visit the most spontaneous side of Tarragona by walking to the Central Market. You will find a colourful and busy atmosphere, with the fish unloaded the day before at El Serrallo, the city's fishermen's quarter, as the main protagonist. Another market worth visiting, even just for the atmosphere around it at the time of the Vermouth, is the Saturday morning fruit and vegetable market at the Plaça del Fòrum square.

From the inner parts to the roof of the city, the monumental Tarragona has spectacular spaces. Beyond the Amphitheatre and the Roman Circus – which allows covering part of the city beneath the stands, today beneath the buildings- another highly recommended visit is the Cathedral's belfry that offers splendid 360-degree views of the city (guided visit).

In the summer, you will inevitably feel the call of the sea and the beaches. Tarragona has a dozen extremely beautiful beaches, and they are of the less crowded ones in an area where it is often difficult to lay your towel down. Most of the beaches can be accessed by car and bus –check the timetables and lines with the Municipal Transport Company-, and they have showers, beach bars and lifeguards. Others, such as Roca Plana and Cala Fonda –also known as Waikiki- form part of the protected area known as Bosc de la Marquesa, and they have preserved their natural features. You can only access them on foot going through La Móra urbanisation . 

There are other and very diverse ways of enjoying such a spectacular coastline. At TGNautica Kayakthey offer group outings from the beach of La Móra. The Club de Vela de la Platja Llarga organises educational outings with light sails boats. The Sirenas Mediterranean Academy proposes a unique experience: learning how to swim and breath as mermaids and tritons do. And if you fancy emulating professor Jacques Cousteau, in Tarragona you will find good professionals to practice diving: SES.

If you had a light breakfast, and you are ready for lunch, a good option for groups is Barquet, a large and bright space, as bright as the traditional and creative rice made in its kitchen. 

© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© TGNautica Kayak
© Sirenas Mediterranean Academy
© Societat d'Exploracions Submarines de Tarragona (SES)
© Barquet


Summer afternoons are long, sunny... and very productive to go shopping. Those who love shopping will find Tarragona a display case that combines exclusive products, local crafts and food, and the seasonal fashion of the international franchises. Beyond the Corte Inglés department store, near the Francolí river, most of the clothes, accessories and household shops are located between the Part Alta and the Rambla Nova. 

Tarragona is the capital of a region with up to five wine designations of origin and all of a great personality and international projection. Some establishments in the city centre (DevinsNegrescoCap & Cua, ViníssimDenominació d’Origen, Espai Vi, Pa i Oli...) have specialised and allow tasting a large variety of local product, from the powerful 'garnatxa' varieties from the Priorat and the Terra Alta, to 'cabernets' and 'muscats' of the area of Tarragona, including the best cava in the region and other specialities from around the world. 

Many cellars in the surrounding area offer wine tourism activities. It is the case of Vinícola de Nulles, only 20 Km away, that makes cava of great quality, and organises these types of experiences in the best possible scenario, a spectacular modernist cellar, or as these buildings of this period are known is Catalonia, a Cathedral of Wine. And Mas Vicenç, in Cabra del Camp, where, in addition to guided visits, you can book a wine tasting introductory course. 

At this point, you will have noticed that Tarragona, apart from wine, is the land of Vermouth, an alcoholic aperitif that was the favourite drink of our grandparents in the second half of the previous century, and that has gained ground to beer in most of the city's terraces. Vermouth Yzaguirre, a brand from Tarragona, keeps its recipe for success in its cellar, which you can also visit. You can purchase this and other wines and liquors from the area in most of the local wine shops. 

For dinner, we suggest a different experience, between historic reconstruction and cooking workshop. Domus Apicius has recovered and adapted several recipes of the Roman cuisine and offers the possibility of taking part, while having fun, in preparing the dishes that we will later eat. Authentic Roman cuisines to take you on a trip through time. 

If we haven't left the centre, the open-air terrace of El Terrat is a good option to start the evening. Nearby are Tarragona's most popular night-life establishments: GrooveSala ZeroEl CauLes Golfes, and for those who like to stay up late, Sala Golfus in the Marina. All without moving your car. 

© Tarragona Turisme
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© El Terrat


Sunday is an official lazy day in Tarragona. At around lunchtime, the terraces at the Plaça de la Font, the Plaça del Rei and the Plaça del Fòrum fill with people having an aperitif, time to go home for lunch, with the family or in one of the establishments at the Part Alta. Sit down, have a drink and enjoy the atmosphere. Also highly recommended is to take a look at the lively antiques and collectors street market in Mercería St. You will find very unusual objects and people. 

You will also find a similar atmosphere as from midday, near the sea, in El Serrallo, the city's fishermen's quarter. It is worth stretching your legs and taking a walk along the Moll de Costa dock and Els Tinglados, the ancient port storage facilities. El Serrallo is one of those neighbourhoods that traps you, like its finishing nets, and if you stay for lunch, you will have the opportunity to say farewell to Tarragona with a fisherman's 'Ranxo' meal. You have many good options for lunch in the neighbourhood, among which is the Restaurant Balandra, where they serve excellent rice dishes. 

© Iván Sánchez
© Balandra


Colla Castellers Xiquets de Tarragona (Human towers group) Carrer de Santa Anna, 1 977 23 96 99 info@xiquetsdetarragona.cat www.xiquetsdetarragona.cat
Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona (Human towers group) Carrer Cós del Bou, 23 639 24 02 48 cjxt@jovedetarragona.cat http://jovedetarragona.cat
Mvseum Carrer Sant Llorenç, 5 977 22 25 87 museumtarragona@gmail.com  
Pachito Lounge Carrer August, 50 635 69 43 48 j.vizcarro@hotmail.com  
Tòtem Cafè Rambla Vella, 15 630 87 29 24   www.totemcafe.com
Bar Cortijo Carrer Rebolledo, 27 977 22 48 67   www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/restaurant/el-cortijo
Petit Tarraco Carrer Baró de les IV Torres, 1 977 22 81 98 nastic_2@hotmail.com www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/restaurant/petit-tarraco
Racó d’en Mario Carrer Merceria, 18 628 15 17 10   https://raco-den-mario.business.site
La Cuineta Carrer Nou del Patriarca, 2 bis 977 22 61 01 lacuinetatgn@gmail.com www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/restaurant/la-cuineta
Mercat central (central market) Plaça de Corsini, s/n 977 23 15 51   www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/route-point/central-market
Municipal Transport Company  Calle Pere Martell, 1  900 365 114   http://emtanemambtu.cat
TGNautica Kayak Port Esportiu de Tarragona, s/n 618 21 80 70 kayak@tgnautica.com  https://kayaktarragona.com
Club de Vela de la Platja Llarga (sailing club) Platja Llarga, s/n 977 20 77 89 oficina@cvplatjallarga.org www.cvplatjallarga.org
Sirenas Mediterranean Academy Rambla Nova, 20 (Hotel Lauria) 634 40 34 22 info@sirenasacademy.com www.sirenasmediterraneanacademy.com
Societat d’Exploracions Submarines de Tarragona (SES Tarragona) Passeig de l’Escullera, s/n km 2,5 977 22 33 22 info@sestarragona.es www.sestarragona.org
"Anella Verda" de Tarragona       Summary and tracks, here

SIET Aventura - Cova urbana

  607 56 88 15 info@siet.cat www.siet.cat
Barquet Carrer del Gasòmetre, 16 977 24 00 23 barquet@tinet.cat www.restaurantbarquet.com
Devins Carrer Méndez Núñez, 10 977 23 00 20 info@devins.es www.devins.es
Negresco Carrer Fortuny, 7 977 23 98 32   www.negresco.es
Cap & Cua Tapes Carrer Lleida, 6 977 21 61 98 capicuatapas@gmail.com www.tarragonaturisme.cat/en/restaurant/cap-i-cua-tapes
Viníssim Carrer Santa Anna, 12 977 94 30 31    
Denominació d’Origen Carrer de la Cort, 41 - VALLS 977 21 79 31 info@dotarragona.cat www.dotarragona.cat
Pa i Oli Plaça del Fòrum, 5       
Espai Vi Plaça del Fòrum, 13 672 26 68 94 tgn.carles@gmail.com  
Vinícola de Nulles C/ Estació, s/n – NULLES 977 60 26 22 enoturisme@vinicoladenulles.com www.adernats.cat
Mas Vicenç Mas Vicenç, s/n – CABRA DEL CAMP 977 63 00 24 masvicens@masvicens.com https://masvicens.com
Vermouth Yzaguirre Celler Sort del Castell. Carretera de Reus, km 7,8 – EL MORELL 977 84 06 55   www.vermutyzaguirre.com
Domus Apicius Plaça Garcia Lorca, 1 baixos 655 31 93 80 info@domus-apicius.com http://domus-apicius.com
El Terrat Carrer Pons d'Icart, 19 977 24 84 85 info@elterratrestaurant.com www.elterratrestaurant.com
Groove Bar Carrer del Cardenal Cervantes, 4 665 15 92 17 groovebar@gmail.com  
Sala Zero Carrer de Sant Magí, 12 877 05 11 26 info@salazero.com www.salazero.com

Sala El Cau i la Cova

Carrer del Trinquet Vell, 2  977 23 11 21 sala@elcau.net  
Les Golfes Carrer Pau del Protectorat, 5      
Sala Golfus Port Esportiu, local LB5 722 28 71 42    
Restaurant Balandra Carrer d’Espinach, 18 977 22 12 38 info@balandra.cat www.balandra.cat



Dixie Music Festival, spring

In bars, streets, theatres...even in the civic centres. There is not a corner in Tarragona that does dance along to the Dixieland music festival.

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Tarraco Viva, May

The largest event of the Mediterranean intended to disseminate the Roman culture. Exhibitions, historical reconstruction, fairs, gastronomy, cinema, music and much more to discover of the Roman culture where we come from.

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Sant Magí, August

The summer and water festival: A refreshing celebration for all ages. “The Entrance of the Sant Magí water” and the “Sindriada”, a music and watermelon festival, are both outstanding events.  

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Santa Tecla, September

The city festival in capital letters. Constantly reinventing itself, its highlight is the procession of the Arm of Santa Tecla, preceded by one of the most impressive retinues of Catalonia.

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REC, International Film Festival, end of the year

The REC festival offers a selection of the best youth cinema made in Catalonia, Spain and the world. A chance to enjoy good independent films and discover the future talents.

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SCAN photograph Festival, biennial

The SCAN Festival, which is held every two years, is a meeting point for young creators of the photography world. Institutions, entities, museums and all kinds of cultural areas open spaces for the show.

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© Manel R. Granell
© Pep Escoda
© Josep Capdevila Vallve

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