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The Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018 is a multisport competition that is organised within the Olympic movement, with the recognition of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Participation is established through the Olympic committees of each of the member countries that form part of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG) in the geographical area of the Mediterranean.

Finally, on the 15th of October 2011, during the ICMG session, Tarragona was chosen as the venue for the Games.

Tarragona will organise Games that are completely adapted to the current economic situation and will be held from June the 22nd to July the 1st 2018 in 16 municipalities in its territory and 33 sports disciplines will take part in it.


In 10 days of competition, the Games will bring to Tarragona and the territory:

  • 4.000 athletes from 26 different countries.
  • 1.000 judges and representatives of the International Federations and the International Committee of the Games.
  • 1.000 journalists from all over the world.
  • 3.500 volunteers to cover the needs of organisation.
  • More than 150.000 spectators.

The organisational structure will have an impact on the local labour market:

  • More than 3.000 indirect jobs
  • 70-80 professionals working for the organisational structure of the Games

The vision of the legacy of the Mediterranean Games Tarragona 2018 is divided into three areas:

Economic and occupational legacy

The Games will allow for an economic boost to certain economic activities and they should be seen as a channel for the projection of the territory, allowing for both the attraction of investment in the business sector and the internationalisation of companies in the region, such as the attraction of tourism. Therefore, its objectives are:

  • Generation of direct employment derived from investment in construction and service for the Games.
  • Creation of new jobs for the management of the new spaces and sports facilities.
  • Increasing the employment of workers and volunteers through the acquisition of skills and knowledge.
  • Generation of business opportunities and internationalisation of companies.
  • Better international positioning of the territory.
  • Improvements in the hotel sector.
  • Promotion of sports tourism.


Sports legacy

Tarragona has a historic sporting tradition, with long-standing sports clubs and sports people of high level who are internationally recognised.

The Games are an opportunity to increase the quality of sport at all levels but with special emphasis on the promotion of sport for all and as a vehicle for social cohesion in the territory. Its objectives are:

  • More and better sport facilities, ensuring a regional balance, and that they are sustainable and adaptable to the needs of the territory’s population.
  • Increase sport practice, with the promotion of sport for children and revitalizing the physical practice of healthy habits.


The cultural and community legacy

The Mediterranean Games present an opportunity to leave a legacy not only in sport or in the economic development of the territory, but also it can have a positive impact on the practices that govern or organise society and territory.

This legacy potential with social and cultural aspects, is a largely intangible legacy that presents certain challenges and difficulties when it comes to measuring it, but that is the key to a long-term footprint of the Games in the territory and society. Its objectives are:

  • Increase citizen and sports agents participation in the event and in the territory.
  • Build models and practices of public-private collaboration in the territory.
  • Encourage participation synergies between the host cities of the Games.
  • Training and consolidation of a strong network of volunteers.
  • Training in sport values, coexistence, health and education in the Mediterranean for the children and youth in the territory.
  • Cultural revitalisation of the territory.
  • Improvements in the city-centre-neighbourhood’s communications and transport network.


Tarragona 2018, ready to make history.


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