Santa Tecla Tarragona

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15-24 September

There is no other time of the year as lively as during the great festival, Santa Tecla.

For over one week, the people from Tarragona and the visitors go out on the streets to take over the most emblematic areas of the city where the different traditional, festive and gastronomic events take place.

Program of the Santa Tecla festivals: download as a pdf

In 2002 was declared “Festival of tourist interest” by the Spanish government and in 2010 was declared “Patrimonial festival of national interest” by the Catalan government. The origins of this celebration held on the streets go back to the year 1321 when the arm relic of the patron saint arrived to the city from Armenia.

On Santa Tecla’s day, the 23rd in the afternoon, the Seguici Popular (literally “popular retinue”) walks around the streets of the Part Alta (old town) giving way to the relic. Of particular note is the entrance of the arm of Santa Tecla to the cathedral with the dance of all the traditional elements, human towers, ringing of the bells and fireworks.
The 24th is the human tower day of La Mercè (Our Lady of Mercy) with the participation of the city’s colles (human towers groups) who exhibit the singular walking towers.

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15/9, 19.30 Welcome Call, the fourteen Mortars and the first Tronada (loud firecrackers) From the city hall’s balcony, Plaça de la Font
16/9, until 23.00 Heritage Night Praetorium and Roman Circus, Walls
17/9, 12.00 Santa Tecla first Sunday human towers day Plaça de la Font
18/9, 18.30 Baixadeta (the little descent of festive figures for children) From Pla de la Seu
19/9, 18.30 Little Santa Tecla’s parade From Plaça de la Font
20/9, 19.30 Little correfoc (fire and firecrackers) From the Balcony of the Mediterranean
20/9, 22.30 Santa Tecla´s altarpiece Cathedral
21/9, 19.30 Rise of the giants From Plaça de la Font
21/9, 24.00 Descent of the Eagle, the Old Giants, the Lion, the Big Mule and the music bands From Pla de la Seu
22/9, 19.00 Santa Tecla parade From Plaça de la Font
Night from 22 to 23/9, from 23.00  Open-air concerts and dances  Rambla Nova, Plaça de la Font, Passeig de les Palmeres, Parc del Francolí
23/9, 11.00 Round of Presentations of the Traditional Entourage Plaça de la Font
23/9, 13.00 Santa Tecla human towers day Plaça de la Font
23/9, 18.15 Beginning of the Procession From Plaça de la Font
23/9, around 21.00 Entrance of Santa Tecla’s arm (relic) Pla de la Seu
23/9, 23.00 Magnificient fireworks display of Santa Tecla From punta del Miracle and visible from Miracle’s beach
24/09, 13.00 Human towers day Plaça Santiago Rusiñol
24/09, 22.00 Santa Tecla correfoc (fire and firecrakers) From Plaça de la Mitja Lluna