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Tarragona Film Office
Tarragona Convention Bureau


History is an intrinsic part of Tarragona, not just because of the huge tourist attraction of the archaeological legacy of the Roman city of Tarraco, but also because of its traditions. This is borne out by written documents such as those that show that Easter Week has been celebrated since the Middle Ages, in the mid-sixteenth century, thanks to the efforts of local associations and brotherhoods. Today, almost five centuries later, Tarragona continues to enthusiastically relive the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ thanks to the dedication of the Agrupació d’Associacions...

Prévisions météorologiques

  • Aujourd'huimax. 21ºmin. 12º
  • Demainmax. 20ºmin. 13º
  • Lundimax. 20ºmin. 14º
  • Mardimax. 19ºmin. 11º
  • Mercredimax. 19ºmin. 11º
  • Jeudimax. 21ºmin. 9º
  • Vendredimax. 23ºmin. 11º

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