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View from the H10 Imperial Tarraco Hotel terrace. | FOTO: © Rafael López-Monné. Tarragona city is home to many stunning natural and urban landscapes for you to admire. To give you a glimpse, we’ve picked out 6+1 of the capital’s top spots where you can enjoy a visual experience that your eyes will not soon forget. We’ll be taking you up to the balconies, terraces, rooftops and observatories that make Tarragona a special Mediterranean nook.   1. The Cathedral bell tower View from the Santa Tecla Cathedral bell tower. | PHOTO: © Rafael López-Monné. They say that...

Метеорологический прогноз

  • Сегоднямакс. 21ºмин. 12º
  • Завтрамакс. 22ºмин. 11º
  • субботамакс. 22ºмин. 13º
  • воскресеньемакс. 22ºмин. 13º
  • понедельникмакс. 22ºмин. 14º
  • вторникмакс. 22ºмин. 14º

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