© Manel R. Granell

Tarragona is the Only World Heritage City in Catalonia

The purpose of the Roman Route is to introduce visitors to the history of Tarragona by means of the main monuments that survive from that era, when the city was at the peak of its splendour. On 30 November 2000, UNESCO declared the ancient Roman Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco as a World Heritage Site.

© Pep Escoda

The city of Tarragona conserves several major monuments from its mediaeval past. Its abundant Roman ruins are thus supplemented by a rich mediaeval artistic heritage best epitomised by the city’s cathedral, which offers outstanding examples of art and architecture from the Middle Ages.

© Alberich Fotògrafs

This guide hopes to give people a closer insight into part of the Modernist legacy distributed around the city, which needs visitors’ complicity to reveal all its poetry and beauty. This itinerary aims to reveal the tastes, approaches and styles of the society which embraced the Modernist aesthetic to decorate their homes, the places in which they spent their working hours or free time, and their places of worship.

© Santi Grimau

The documental, artistic and archaeological paleochristian heritage that has survived in Tarragona is, as a whole, the most notable on the entire Iberian Peninsula.The city and its Diocesan Church invite you to come and discover its magnificent heritage and to follow in the footsteps of our martyrs by means of this route.