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The Chartreuse plant

© Pep Escoda

This name has always been associated, especially for Tarragona natives, with the liqueur made by the Carthusian friars who came from France and settled in the city between 1902 and 1933. As well as the Chartreuse they made medicines in a plant that had formerly been a textile factory and distillery. The Chartreuse plant operated using the distilleries in Plaça dels Infants from 1903 until 1989. Today, the liqueur is only made in Voiron (France) and for Santa Tecla a special limited edition is made with the graphic image of the festival on the back label. It is not precisely known when the architects Pau Monguió i Segura and Josep Maria Pujol i de Barberà got involved in the renovation work on the building. The complex's exterior appearance reveals how the large number of windows spread over its three floors give the vast interior space a lot of natural light. Aesthetically, the three floors topped by a gabled roof with a side tower were embellished be exposed brick which encouraged a composition that prioritized functionality over ornamentation.

(outside view)

Pl. dels Infants
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