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The Chapel of St. Paul

© Santi Grimau

In addition to the See, several religious buildings dating from the 12th and 13th centuries have been conserved, among them, the Church of Santa Tecla la Vella, or St. Tecla the Elder. This small building has a rectangular floor plan divided into two segments with ribbed-vault ceilings. On the western side is the Urrea family chapel. The entrance is a round arch crowned by a solid granite tympanum framed by slender columns and a cornice. Inside, the two arcosolia, each containing a sarcophagus, are of special note. Inside the nearby seminary's cloister lies the Chapel of St. Paul. This temple also has a rectangular floor plan, as well as engaged columns on the building's exterior. The entrance is rectangular, with a mullion crowned by a rose window. The austerely decorated interior is divided into two sections and has a ribbed-vault ceiling.

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