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Cathedral and Diocesan Museum

© Rafael López-Monné

The See of Tarragona is located where, during Roman times, a temple was erected in dedication to the Imperial Cult. The imposing remains of that great space are still visible in the cathedral’s refectory. This sacred pagan area was partially dismantled after the 5th century and transformed into a Christian space. It is believed that a Visigoth cathedral may have once been located in this spot.
One of the Renaissance chapels of the medieval cathedral is dedicated to Saint Fructuosus and his deacons and it is here where relics of these Hispanic protomartyrs are venerated. The Diocesan Museum also holds archaeological elements dating from the first centuries of Christianity, notably including a small bronze liturgical pitcher dating to the 7th century, which was found in a tomb in the area of the cathedral. Additionally, the magnificent paleochristian Bethesda sarcophagus dating to the 5th century is built into the façade of the cathedral.

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