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Berà Arch (MNAT)

© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel R. Granell
© Manel R. Granell

An honorary arch dedicated to the Emperor Augustus, the Berà Arch was built in the late 1st century B.C. on what was then the Via Augusta, some 20 kilometres north of Tarragona. Today it lies on the N-340 carriageway within the city limits of Roda de Berà. It was originally decorated with Corinthian pilasters and moulding and crowned by an architrave, frieze, cornice and attic. A portion of the inscription that once graced the frieze and the entirety of the attic have been lost. Thanks to its location and unmistakable shape, with clear and simple geometric adornments, it is one of the best known monuments in Catalonia.

Outdoor monument

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