Tarragona Sona Flamenc

© Alba Rodriguez
© Ernesto Artillo
© Xavi Torrent
4-19 March

Breathe the art of flamenco to its maximum expression

This March the city is organizing a series of events with an emphasis on Flamenco. Internationally-recognized flamenco stars and local artistes will be headlining a programme that includes flamenco shows, concerts, workshops and exhibitions.

Discover the breadth of Flemish art and culture with a contemporary and transversal vision!

Don't miss it!:

5/3 Music, Dance Juan Gómez, Chicuelo: Caminos. Opening concert 19.00 Teatre el Magatzem
10/3 Dance Yoel Vargas: Flamenco, tablao 20.30 Teatre Metropol
11/3 Music Álvaro Sola: Puñales 18.30 Casa Canals
11/3 Theatre La casa sin Bernarda 20.00 Sala Trono
12/3 Music, Dance Tarragona balla flamenc (Tarragona dances Flamenco) 11.30 Teatre Tarragona
12/3 Theatre La casa sin Bernarda 18.00 Sala Trono
18/3 Music, Dance Flamenco in the street + Siroco  12.05 Corsini square
18/3 Music, Dance Neo 19.00 Teatret del Serrallo
18/3 Music Niño de Elche 21.00 Sala Zero
19/3 Music, Dance Flamenco venue: No hay secretos  19.00 Tablao Flamenco La Herrería