Tarragona 1800 Events Programme

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In Autumn

The purpose of the historical dissemination sessions, TARRAGONA 1800, is to spread, in a didactical and cultural nature, the history of contemporary Tarragona between the XVIII and XIX centuries. Unique sessions within our territory with the guiding theme of the Napoleonic Wars and the Siege that the city of Tarragona, converted into capital and the Principality’s last stronghold, suffered in 1811. The study of this important period for the city allows us to get to know how the citizens of Tarragona lived at that time and to discover who the main Tarragona people who made history inside and outside the city were.

TARRAGONA 1800 is a product designed with a historical key with the purpose of showing what the main communities in our territory were like, how they lived and what their main traditions and customs were at the time, apart from what the city of Tarragona was like. Likewise, it aims to show the role of the city within Catalonia and its relationships with Spain and Europe. At the same time it hopes to go deeper into the Napoleonic period, into the Napoleonic Wars and the Siege of Tarragona in 1811.

These sessions also aim to serve as a cultural showcase for all the popular and traditional culture inherited from that time, inside and outside our country (fiestas, gatherings,…) and make them known through a great diffusion. Therefore, for example, we can highlight the fiestas of the Encamisada in Falset, the Fiesta del Bruc, the Fiesta of the Napoleonic Girona, the Siege of Zaragoza,…

Lastly, they aim to place value  on the main historical, religious, public, private and military buildings in Tarragona and in the main Catalan cities of the period (churches, convents, hospitals, mansions, markets, barracks, forts, bastions…), and to get a deeper knowledge about the main museums that make conserving this material heritage from the period possible.