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Tamarit is an ancient seaside town to the right of the Gaià River estuary, which was built on a rocky promontory. Of the town, the area enclosed by the walls, known as the vil·la closa, still remains in relatively good condition, as do some parts of the ancient castle. The complex includes the ancient municipal prisons, the Church of the Assumption, the rectory, the town hall, the church square, two towers, a number of homes, a 14th-century battery and the remains of the wall built during the reign of King Pere III the Ceremonious. Of special note is the Romanesque church, with three naves, a barrel-vault ceiling and a straight chevet. It is one of the purest and earliest examples of Romanesque architecture to be found within the Tarragona municipal boundaries. The first written records of the castle date from the 11th century, and it is known to have been destroyed during the Guerra dels Segadors, or Harvesters' War.

(outside view)

N-340, km 1171 Tarragona - Altafulla (10 km)
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