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The Metropol Theatre

© Alberich Fotògrafs

In 1908, Josep Maria Jujol adapted the facilities of the Workers' Guild School into a theatre, following some rather unusual symbolic and decorative criteria. Using the space that spanned the different levels between the two streets he positioned the stage, the stalls and two upper stories of seats. Jujol envisaged the skeleton of the building as a boat transporting the faithful inside it - the audience - towards salvation. The interior thus featured a series of elements underlining this concept to visitors: balustrades worked like those on boats, handrails representing the needles used to weave nets, dedications to the Mother of God; on the stairs there were fish and the keel of a boat resting on the bottom of the sea. Jujol allowed himself the luxury of weaving in all kinds of patterns. Both inside and outside you can find windows, colours and spaces that shun the standard aesthetics of a theatre; in applying his own plastic language, the artist showed himself to be decades ahead of languages that would be just as innovative as when he built his own personal vessel in the form of a theatre.

Visits depending on theatre schedule: tel. 977 229 930 - info@imaginautes.cat

Rambla Nova, 46
977 244 795
41.114845243100, 1.253511607650