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Provincial Forum

© Rafael López-Monné
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Joan Capdevila Vallve
© Pep Escoda

With the pacification of the region in the 1st century, the Roman army withdrew from the city’s High District, an area spread over three terraced steps. The intermediate step contained the provincial forum, the political and administrative nerve centre of the province of Tarragona. Today, this once vast plaza with its surrounding arcade is home to dozens of houses and streets. There, visitors can see the remains of the portico in the buildings of the "Antiga Audiència", or the Old Court of Justice, (southwest tower), in Plaça del Pallol (entranceway, vault and pilasters of the Old Nunnery), in Plaça del Fòrum (angular wall) and in the Praetorium (southeast tower with entranceways, vaults and pilasters).


Outdoor monument

Pl. del Pallol / Pl. del Fòrum / Pl. del Rei43003Tarragona
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