All Saints' Day and Halloween in Tarragona

© Azahara Palomares
27 October - 5 November

What to do in Tarragona this All Saints' Day and Halloween?

The streets abound with stands selling fresh-roasted chestnuts. This holiday is best known for the panellets (traditional pine-nuts sweets) that fill the pastry shops and for the flowers for the departed.

All Saints' Day in Tarragona is a festivity dedicated to the remembrance of ancestors, but also tradition and gastronomy in the streets, squares, and homes of the people of Tarragona.

Chestnuts are the main element of this popular tradition in Catalonia. And in Tarragona this beautiful tradition is kept alive. You will find chestnut stands that roast them freshly and sell them hot.

In Catalonia, and also in Tarragona, apart from celebrating with family and friends, there is a very widespread tradition: eating panellets. It is a sweet made with marzipan and pine nuts, but over the years families have adapted the recipes and have made them with coconut, chocolate, coffee... You can buy them in the city's patisseries.

The rapid acceptance in Tarragona of other types of celebrations such as Halloween has made All Saints' Day a fun festival.

Activities await you in Tarragona this All Saints' Day and Halloween. Don't miss them!

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