The Embutada, Tarragona’s Young Wine Festival

In Autumn

Come and taste these new wines while enjoying regional gourmet products and cultural attractions!

Tarragona has always been associated with wine, and the grape harvest has given rise to all kinds of festivities over the centuries. In the city, once the wine was fermented, the townsfolk flocked to the wineries to taste the young wine and raise a toast to life. Sitting on wooden benches, groups of friends, fishermen, castellers (human tower builders) and day labourers requested an embut (funnel), preferably full of wine. This funnel, unlike the ones we use today at home, had an angular shape. The funnel was passed from customer to customer, from friend to friend, while each person covered the bottom of the tube with a finger. The idea was not to be the last one to finish, because whoever ran out of wine had to pay for that round!