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Tarragona Carnival 2024

© Francesc Torres
© Paula Ríos
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Francesc Torres
© Laia Marín
© Paula Ríos
2-13 February

Celebrate the great festival of the king of debauchery in Tarragona Carnival

During one week the streets are filled with colour and music to celebrate the great festival of the king of debauchery. The highlight of the festival is the float-filled parade on the Saturday, and of particular note are the concerts, the tasting of botifarra d’ou (egg sausage) and the crema de la bota (the burning of the Carnival King figure in an enormous barrel) at the festivities' end. 

Program of the Carnival: download as a pdf

The Tarragona Carnival arrives in the city once again this year with a program full of tradition and fun. The people of Tarragona are the driving force behind this popular festival, with the participation of many people working almost all year round to organize it. Everyone is part of the Carnival, big and small, people who make the classic events possible, but also other more recent ones that have become essential for the citizens. A great job that we encourage you to experience in first person, either as participants or as the public.

Enjoy the events with the longest history, such as the Disfressa d’Or (Golden Costume) - one of the essential events of the Carnival, Bastiment de la Bota (barrel), the coques de llardons (pastry) and the egg sausage of Dijous Gras (the Thursday before Lent, one week before Ash Wednesday), the Rua de l'Artesania (the Craft Parade) and the Rua de Lluïment (the Shine Parade), the wake of the King and the Concubine or the Burial. And don't forget the craziest proposals, such as the Farra dels Ninots. Bajada del Pajaritu (Soap Box Derby), or the Drag Queens & Drag Kings Contest. Be that as it may, as Lent approaches, leave your sorrows at home, take to the streets as if it were the last time, and have a good Carnival! Long live the Carnival of Tarragona!


Don't miss it!:



3/2  Xarronada Popular (the typical Tarragona escudella (stew) that used to be eaten at Carnival) 15.00

Saavedra Park

4/2 Disfressa d’Or (Golden Costume) 19.30

Tarraco Arena

6/2 Bastiment de la Bota (barrel) 10.00

De la Font Square

6/2 Presentation of the Ninot and the Ninota  12.00

De la Font Square

7/2 Entrance of King carnival and the Concubine to the city 18.00

De la Disbauxa Square

7/2 Gala of King Carnestoltes, his Concubine and the entourage

2 sessions: 19.30 and 21.30

Teatre Metropol (19.30), TeatreTarragona (21.30)
8/2 Culinary Carnival: the coca de llardons (pastry) 9.00

Cañellas Street

8/2 Culinary Carnival: the botifarra d’ou (egg sausage) 10.00

Central Market

9/2 Children's Carnival: show for kids 17.30

De la Disbauxa Square

9/2 Farra dels Ninots 20.15

De la Font Square

10/2 Baixada del Pajaritu (Soap Box Derby) 11.00

Del Rei Square

10/2 Rua de l’Artesania (the Craft Parade) 18.00

From Ramón y Cajal avenue to Catalunya avenue

10/2 Carnival open-air dance  23.00

De la Disbauxa Square

11/2 Rua de Lluïment (the Shine Parade) 18.00

Ramón y Cajal avenue, in front of Parc Central shopping centre and the Necropolis

12/2 Drag Queens & Drag Kings Contest 21.30

Teatre Tarragona

13/2 The Burial of King Carnestoltes with the Burning of the Ninot, the Ninota and the Barrel 22.00

De la Font Square

Easter Week