TAU: ancient music in Tarragona


TAU: ancient music in Tarragona

Tau, a series of concerts that brings 13th to 18th centuries music to the interior of a building with an even more extensive history: the magnificent Santa Tecla Cathedral in Tarragona. You can live the experience of listening to artists of the stature of Jordi Savall, Ensemble O Vos Omnes, Farran Sylvan James or Dani Espasa in a majestic setting. The music of Monteverdi, Händel and Mozart, among others, will resound in the stone of the temple that presides over the city of Tarragona. In addition, you can also enjoy an intimate and semi-staged concert in the Port of Tarragona Museum with the show “El llibre de Marguerite”. 

Concert 1

Day: 15 October
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Tarragona Cathedral
Artist: Jordi Savall
Composition: “Follies & Canaris, de l’antiga Europa al nou Món” (Follies & Canaris, from Ancient Europe to the New World)

After almost 30 years, Jordi Savall returns to Tarragona Cathedral. La Seu (the Cathedral) will witness the mastery of the most prestigious Catalan musician in the world today. Savall returns in an intimate format, accompanied by the guitar of the magnificent Xavier Díaz-Latorre. The viola de gamba, an instrument forever linked to the figure of Savall, will be the protagonist of this journey through the music of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Jordi Savall

Concert 2

Day: 21 October
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Port of Tarragona Museum
Artist: El llibre de Marguerite
Composition: “Feminisme i mística al segle XIV” (Feminism and mysticism in the 14th century)

A show combining medieval music with the story of Marguerite Porete (1250-1310), the mystic who was burned to death to defend her book. She was a member of the Beguines, the first free communities of women.

Bubulina Teatre presents an approach to the life and work of this medieval mystic, performed by the actress Gisela Figueras, and with the prestigious Cristina Alís on the portable organ and María de Mingo on the medieval citole.

El llibre de Marguerite

Concert 3

Day: 22 October
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Tarragona Cathedral
Artist: Farran Sylvan James & Daniel Espasa
Composition: “La sonata al segle de les llums” (The Sonata in the Age of Enlightenment)

Two of the leading figures of the new generation of performers of early music in our house, the Canadian (based in Barcelona) Farran Sylvan James and Daniel Espasa, a native of La Canonja meet in a very special concert. A concert that, revolving around the sonata genre, will take us through the music of Händel, Mozart and the Catalan Francesc Manalt, among others.

Farran Sylvan James & Daniel Espasa

Concerts 4 and 5: double closing concert

Day: 28 and 29 October
Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Tarragona Cathedral
Artist: Ensemble O Vos Omnes
Composition: “Selva Morale et Spirituale”

Two concerts to accommodate an impressive collection: "Selva Morale et Spirituale" by Claudio Monteverdi. This compendium of sacred works published in the mid-17th century represents one of the most important legacies in the history of music. The Ensemble O Vos Omnes (resident choir at the L’Auditori and resident artist of the Perelada 2022 Festival) presents a selection separated into two concerts, which will be accompanied by a suggestive illumination to see and feel the Tarragona Cathedral as never before. This will be the first time that Claudio Monteverdi's "forest" (selva) can be heard in the city of Tarragona to this extent.


Ensemble O Vos Omnes
Ensemble O Vos Omnes

Pre-concert talks with Tarragona D.O. wines tasting

15/10, 7 p.m. “Follies & Canaris” Pepe Reche
22/10, 7 p.m. “La sonata al segle de les llums” (The Sonata in the Age of Enlightenment) Oriol Pérez-Treviño
28/10, 7 p.m. “Selva Morale et Spirituale” Joan Magrané

Place: Centre Tarraconense El Seminari


  • Concert: €15
  • Concert + talk: €18
  • Concerts voucher: €55
  • Concerts + talks voucher: €60

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