The Wall (Monges Tower)

© Pep Escoda

The mediaeval city, located in present-day Tarragona's High Quarter, already had Roman walls. Therefore, for the most part only repairs and maintenance were required. The only portion that needed to be completely redone was the southern closure. This is the 12th-century Mur Vell , or Old Wall, still partially conserved between Carrer dels Ferrers and Carrer de l'Enrajolat, whose Morenes and Arandes Towers, which once protected the Olivera Gateway at the foot of Carrer Major, are particularly remarkable. In the 14th century, the walled area was enlarged to include the area of the old Roman circus through the construction of the Muralleta , or Small Wall, still partially visible next to the Sant Hermenegild vaults. This segment of the wall was reinforced with several towers, of which only the Monges and Tintoré towers remain today.

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