The old Hotel Continental

© Pep Escoda

The building was renovated in 1997 by Antoni Traguany, having once been a beautiful and luxurious hotel. In 1908, Josep Maria Pujol i de Barberà remodelled the walls of what had once been an inn at least 30 years before his intervention. At the beginning of the 20th century the Hotel had electric light, a dark room for photographers, an automatic garage and a dining room featuring paintings by the most celebrated artists of the time. There are two noteworthy elements on the two façades still remaining from its Modernist past: the prominent mouldings adorning the window lintels, and the openwork balconies made from artificial stone and ornamented with eye-catching flowers.

(outside view)

C. Apodaca, 30
41.111759000000, 1.250447000000