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Our personal guided tour for families and small groups

Enjoy a pleasant guided visit of the historic center of Tarragona treated as an open air museum. This special tour will present the city’s rich history full of anecdotes and life that the art lovers will surely appreciate!

Tarraco was the capital of Hispania Citerior, one of the largest provinces in the Roman Empire. Itinere proposes a fascinating visit where you will be surprised by the coexistence of the inhabitants of Tarragona with the imperial past of the city. Since the Middle Ages, the historic center of Tarragona (known as Part Alta) is based on the old Roman acropolis. We will visit the oldest Roman walls in Hispania and discover, by strolling through the city streets, the great Provincial Forum and the Circus recent excavations. Then, we will walk inside the vaults that support the stands of the Roman Hippodrome where thousands of spectators enjoyed the ludi circensis or chariot races. And finally, we will finish the visit at the amphitheater, located by the sea.


Duration: 02:00 h
o Weekdays: 95 € (VAT included) for all the group, not per person
o Weekends: 110 € (VAT included) for all the group, not per person
Price includes a maximum of 6 persons (10 € for each additional person)
Fee entrances (included):
o Pretorius and Roman Circus
Meeting point: Itinere’s office - Baixada del Roser, 8 (in the Roman Walls you can see a medieval gate called “Portal del Roser”; go inside, on the right).
Suggested visit hours: 10 am or 17 pm (for summer weather conditions and monuments opening hours) but we adapt at your convenience.
Experienced guides with a wide knowledge of Tarragona and outskirts that can offer helpful suggestions during your stay.

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