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El Call (The Jewish Quarter)

© Manel R. Granell
© Manel R. Granell
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)
© Manel Antolí (RV Edipress)

Protected by the royal powers, the Jews settled near the king's castle. The Jewish Quarter, or "Call Jueu", was completely separate from the rest of the city, with only 4 gateways connecting it to the outside world. Inside were the Jews’ homes– small buildings whose ground floors were usually used as workshops– the synagogue, the bakery, the baths and the school. In the 14th century, the Jewish Quarter entered into a decline that ended with the expulsion of the Jews in 1492. Today, a winding labyrinth of narrows streets and several pointed arches along Carrer Talavera and in Plaça dels Àngels can still be seen. Unfortunately, old urban planning reforms partially destroyed the area and the recent demolition of certain mediaeval buildings marked the near complete disappearance of this Call.


Outdoor monument.

Plaça dels Àngels43003Tarragona
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