Gastronomic Tarragona

Gastronomic Tarragona is a federation of restaurant owners that groups over fifty associated city restaurants in two large areas of the city: ART(e) (Centre) and ARPA (Part Alta).

Under the umbrella of this brand, the restaurants work together with the aim of offering quality gastronomy, based especially on fresh, local products with great nutritional value.

In this way, Gastronomic Tarragona also works to show the value of the secrets of traditional Tarragona cuisine and also to stimulate the new, creative cuisine that is emerging in the city.

The Gastronomic Tarragona Federation (2012) has evolved from Tarragona Gastronomic Essence, which was the first to try to unify the city’s powerful restaurant sector.

Since its creation, Gastronomic Tarragona has organised gastronomic sessions like the Tarragona blue fish, it has participated in creative and signature cuisine courses, it has promoted market produce cuisine along with Tarragona’s Central Market, amongst many other events.