Association of Tarragona Centre Restaurants ART(e)

The Association of Tarragona Centre Restaurants, ART(e), is the youngest of all the city’s restaurant associations and substituted TarracoGust, which was the entity that up till then grouped together the establishments in the city centre of Tarragona. 

ART(e), which groups together about twenty establishments, was officially presented on the 31st of March of 2014 with a gastronomic event based on cuisine using Chartreuse, the city’s insignia drink. Thirteen restaurants, two bakeries and an ice-cream parlour organised the event called Chartreuse a taula in which they offered a series of dishes and appetisers, tasting, pastries and ice-cream with Chartreuse as the central theme.

Also, the Association of Tarragona Centre Restaurants has presented a recipe book with Chartreuse cuisine. Nearly all the members of the ART have participated in this book except Sirco Airlines, Mas Folch and Xamfrà del Fòrum, who became members later on. In the book we can find recipes from the restaurants 20 à la Rambla, Barquet Tarragona, Cocvla, Degvsta, De Vins, El Terrat, Lola Tapes, Mare Nostrum, Ona Restaurant, Toca Peron; the bakeries Palau and Pastissos de Crema and the ice-cream parlour, Raffa Gelati.

ART(e) was created with the philosophy of grouping together the restaurant establishments in the centre of the city who want to form part of it, along with those from other parts of the city who want to join it.

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