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Tamarit Castle


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N-340 Km. 1171 (10 Km from Tarragona), 43008 -Tarragona-Altafulla

The first written records of this structure date from the 11th century. The castle contains both defensive and residential elements, including a prison, watchtowers and a Romanesque church, which, with its three naves, barrel-vault ceiling and straight chavet, is one of the purest and earliest examples of Romanesque architecture within the Tarragona municipal boundaries. From 1681 until the turn of the 20th century, when it was bought and restored by a private American collector, the castle belonged to the Archbishop of Tarragona and the Marquises of Tamarit. In the 19th century, the fishermen’s village that once surrounded the castle was decimated by malarial fevers spread from the nearby marshlands. Tarragona city limits were extended to include the compound in 1950.


Outside view.


Mondays open: Roman Model, Quarry, Cathedral and Museum + 14/4-30/9: Amphitheatre and Praetorium-Circus

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World Heritage

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